Beware the Section 12J hype

Ian Lessem, Chief Executive Officer of HAVAÍC, a Cape Town based investment and advisory firm, says the way in which S12J income tax legislation is sold to investors seeking tax relief is not too dissimilar to the cryptocurrency hype, and should be approached with caution. Cryptocurrencies offer new ways of exchanging and storing wealth, creating incentive structures and eliminating intermediaries that rightly or wrongly are seen as exerting undue influence on a network or system. However, many questions remain unanswered, and the majority of public investors support these digital currencies without understanding and interrogating the substance of their investment; they are simply following

AURA partners with HAVAÍC to anchor its first equity fundraising of R6million

HAVAÍC has lead the first external equity investment in AURA (, and has advanced the first tranche. The remaining investment amount will be raised from other equity funds and private investors in the next few months. AURA’s founders all come from successful high-tech security and development backgrounds. AURA has developed an industry leading cloud-based security and safety platform that provides on-demand geographically variable security response from the aggregation of a substantial number of the best independent armed reaction companies in South Africa. As a result of its services, AURA will enable fundamental shifts in the security industry. Firstly, it allows for a shift

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