VC101.2 – Venture Capital in the Local Context (Newsletter 28/5/2019)

In our first edition, we kicked off with the basics of Venture Capital (VC) in our piece entitled 'VC101.1 - What is Venture Capital and how does it fit into the world of financing?' If you missed it, find it here. In this instalment, we are taking a closer look at VC in the context of the developing world, specifically, Africa, South Africa and Cape Town, our home and headquarters and 'start-up capital of the continent'. We further explore why we are favourably positioned for investment opportunities in a vibrant and robust innovation ecosystem. Venture Capital in the Local Context The US invests more than double the amount in new business development through VC investments per day than SA

Cape Town, start-up capital of Africa

A 2018 report by Wesgro, shows why Cape Town is the startup capital of Africa. Read a summary below or download it here. South Africa presents low barriers for communication with its European time zone, English as business language. South Africa has the largest telecoms market in Africa and a robust mobile infrastructure. +150% mobile penetration, 87 Million mobile subribers, 4th fastest growing mobile comms market in the world World Economic Forum research rates South Africa’s professional services & financial markets as world class. Cape Town is found to be the best run city in SA - sophisticated, and globally focused, with one of the largest open access fiber networks in Africa, the lowes

VC 101.1 - What is Venture Capital and how does it fit into the world of financing? (Newsletter 9

We've been on a journey these past 4 years and would like to share some of our learnings and successes. We have launched ‘SMART VC’, a channel to share with you: The basics of Venture Capital (VC) in our 'VC101' series Innovation news from Africa and the developing world in our 'Local Innovation' series More about the dynamic and vibrant world of innovation in our 'VC Culture' series Announcements on our work and the way we approach investing in the 'Our Deals' and 'What We Think' series. We're kicking off with 'VC101'. We've all heard of the unicorns of VC like Amazon, Uber, AirBnB, Facebook, PayPal and Africa’s recent "start-up” IPO Jumia, valued at $3.9bn, but let's start at the beginning

Trends in southern African healthcare

​A lot of attention has been given to Fintech – and with due cause. With the rise of blockchain technologies, widespread adoption of the cheap smartphone and stronger encryption methods, the financial sector is open for innovation (or disruption). In South Africa, we have a world class financial services sector with globally recognized expertise, and our local Fintech innovators look to leverage off this. This is also a claim that we can make about our internationally acknowledged expertise and competitive advantages in other sectors, including the Healthcare space. So why doesn’t Healthtech create the same buzz? Not sexy enough? Not according to the French. In 2016, France, a country with a

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