Gmail productivity suite, Sortd Inc., raises funding with HAVAÍC

​Cape Town based VC, HAVAÍC through its offshore structures, has invested the first round of early stage funding into Delaware, USA registered email productivity software business Sortd Inc. (Sortd) for an undisclosed amount. Developed by experienced South African founders Rodney Kuhn, Wayne Silbermann and Bradley Greathead, in spite of a limited focus on expansion to date, Sortd has been downloaded a quarter of a million times across every country in the world. It has also been featured in prominent online publications, including Silicon Valley’s most popular startup and VC community site Product Hunt, and consistently ranks among the top 3 global productivity apps for Gmail. Sortd is a sub


Although Venture Capital (VC) is largely seen as countercyclical in nature, the old adage must surely apply that no man is an island. In this edition of the SMART VC series we focus on the SA investment outlook with the emphasis being on how recent developments in investment inflows from abroad are likely to benefit the local VC market. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is an important enabler of economic growth. For emerging market economies such as SA, foreign investment inflows are crucial for transferring both money and expertise from investors and multinational companies to local enterprises, thereby not only greasing the engine, but providing sustainable and much needed skills transfe

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