HAVAÍC funds Kenyan financial inclusion and micro-retail focused business Tanda

At the end of 2019, HAVAIC concluded an investment into Nairobi based Dukapay Ltd (trading as Tanda) in advance of a syndicated seed round of investment. Developed by Nairobi based founders Geoffrey Mulei and Alex Wilson, Tanda aims to provide access to digital financial services and affordable agency banking for the underbanked population in Kenya and the rest of East Africa. With 3,500 ATM’s across Kenya for a population of 50 million, lack of access and expensive alternatives are the norm faced by a vast portion of the population that are incredibly sensitive to price. Having been involved in distribution networks, digital financial services and duka (micro-retailer) networks, Geoff and A

HAVAÍC cements its relationship with local SafeTech start-up, AURA, with a follow-on investment of R

Following on from leading AURA’s (www.aura-app.io) R6 million equity investment in 2018, in Q4 2019 HAVAÍC again led a further R6 million equity investment in the exciting SafeTech business. AURA solves the problem that existing security services face by only providing location-specific solutions, yet people are exposed to crime irrespective of location. Using their technology driven control room and smart phone GPS enabled solutions, AURA provides clients with access to the nearest available responder through their nationwide network of 250 private security companies. AURA has aggregated the supply of over 1,600 armed response vehicles, giving them access to the largest number of private ar

Welcome 2020

Wishing you a prosperous and dynamic new year. As we embark on the start of a new decade, building off the strong foundations HAVAÍC laid in 2019 where we increased our portfolio substantially, deploying ZAR40 million (~USD2.7million) by way of 5 new investments and 1 follow on investment, ever strengthening deal flow, investor demand and portfolio performance as well as growth and success in the African Venture (VC) market as a whole, we are very excited for what 2020 holds. This trend is expected to continue with investments up to ZAR250 million (~USD17 million) being secured and deployed over the next 3 to 5 years. Looking back at 2019, leveraging off our ever growing reputation as a s

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