December 10, 2019

Globally, Venture Capital (VC) investment is on the rise. In 2018 $254 billion was invested into approximately 18,000 start-ups, a 46% increase from 2017’s figures. The US accounted for 52% or $131 billion of these VC investments.
While 2019 figures are yet to b...

September 19, 2019

The idea that consumers of the developing world are continuously playing catch-up with those in the first world, is becoming outdated. More and more, we are seeing innovations ‘defy gravity’ as they ‘flow uphill’ from poor to richer markets.

This trend is known as rev...

July 24, 2019

Although Venture Capital (VC) is largely seen as countercyclical in nature, the old adage must surely apply that no man is an island. In this edition of the SMART VC series we focus on the SA investment outlook with the emphasis being on how recent developments in inve...

May 30, 2019

In our first edition, we kicked off with the basics of Venture Capital (VC) in our piece entitled 'VC101.1 - What is Venture Capital and how does it fit into the world of financing?' If you missed it, find it here. In this instalment, we are taking a closer look a...

May 22, 2019

A 2018 report by Wesgro, shows why Cape Town is the startup capital of Africa. Read a summary below or download it here.

  • South Africa presents low barriers for communication with its European time zone, English as business language.

  • South Africa has the la...

May 3, 2019

​A lot of attention has been given to Fintech – and with due cause. With the rise of blockchain technologies, widespread adoption of the cheap smartphone and stronger encryption methods, the financial sector is open for innovation (or disruption).

In South Africa, we ha...

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