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Healthcent, medical communication company, mandates HAVAIC

HAVAIC is pleased to announce that it has been mandated by Healthcent (Pty) Ltd (“Healthcent” or “the Company”) to advise it ahead of its first capital raising initiative, which will enable the Company to progress its commercialisation initiatives.

Healthcent has developed Signapps, a secure communication solution, which enables the various parties working towards assisting patients to communicate and share patient data securely with each other using their mobile phones while complying with patient confidentiality legislation. Parties include hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners, such as patient-facing personnel and staff working in pathology units, and patients’ support networks, such as insurers.

The improved ability of medical teams to communicate securely using mobile telephones will enable patients to receive enhanced care and service as a result of greater cross-discipline collaboration, and will also lower costs for participating hospitals as their staff will be able to co-operate on in-patient treatment and care more efficiently and making out-patient care less dependent on direct physical interaction.

Andrew Davies, Commercialisation Director highlights that “Signapps has been trialled in South Africa’s public healthcare system and private sector health providers are now seeking to learn more about the product. Whilst the two sectors have different dynamics, both are responding favourably to the enhanced communication potential inherent in the product.”

Michael Gluckman, Product and Technology Director, observes that “notwithstanding Whatsapp’s encryption technology, sharing patient data over it is not legal. Signapps, which has been designed to be simple, secure and useful, addresses the risks of incorrect data sharing through the formation of closed patient-centric communities, and is therefore compliant with both South African and international laws safeguarding patient confidentiality.”

HAVAIC’s principals are enthused by the potential of technology to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives both through the power of technology itself and the manner in which technology is driving new ways of doing business and delivering services. HAVAIC has engaged, both as financial adviser and investor, with a number of technologically focused companies and believes that Healthcent, which has developed a solution to a significant challenge, offers a strong investment potential for investors seeking to participate in the current wave of innovation and in companies whose products are globally scalable.

About Healthcent

Healthcent is the developer and owner of Signapps, a communication tool for medical practitioners and patients’ support network to engage with each other to ensure a high level of patient-centric care and which is compliant with South African and international laws safeguarding patient confidentiality.

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