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Warren Myers

HAVAÍC first invested in AURA when the business had limited commercial traction. From our original interactions it was clear that HAVAÍC was the ideal early-stage partner who not only shared the vision of the founders but philosophy of focusing on strategic involvement and giving us the freedom to build the business to what it is today, and being able to call on their professional experience, networks, and capital when needed.


In a market where few investors are truly willing to invest and support early-stage ventures, HAVAÍC plugs an important gap in the local venture capital ecosystem, and has proven to be a great partner for AURA.

Nic Klopper
CEO of hearX 

From our original interactions with HAVAÍC, they have consistently delivered on their promises to us. Be it delivering on investment timeliness and terms, to adding commercial insights at the board room table, to their financial acumen and experience as illustrated by them acting as the local lead and assisting hearX to close our $8.3m Series A funding round. 


HAVAÍC’s attitude of prioritising the needs of their portfolio companies, combined with their unique insights, networks, and experience, makes them an ideal partner for technology companies looking to expand locally and abroad. 

Greg Chen
CEO of Mobiz

We really respected and enjoyed HAVAÍC team’s professionalism during the investment negotiations. They were forthright and showed real interest in understanding our business and vision. As promised prior to investing, they have been most helpful with our international expansion, especially with the complex task of moving our IP offshore.


We look forward to HAVAÍC’s ongoing value-add.

 Mphati Jezile
CEO of Busymed

I am very thankful that the HAVAÍC team showed early interest in my business and aspirations. They spent many hours understanding and articulating my vision and ably assisted me with my first capital raise all the way to completion. They sourced a credible investment partner and helped negotiate the investment terms. I am not sure I would have managed to close the investment round without HAVAÍC’s assistance.


I hope to keep HAVAÍC as a close advisor in the years to come.

Geoff Mulei
CEO of Tanda

We have received a lot of support through the years, but working with HAVAÍC has so far been the most transformative.


The HAVAÍC team have helped us scale our infrastructure and capabilities, establish more verticals, and secure strategic partnerships with international players to which our growth has been a testament.


I am excited to work with HAVAÍC over the coming months to accelerate Tanda's growth.

Sheraan Amod
CEO of RecoMed

HAVAÍC, who sits on the board of RecoMed, has been a key partner over the years, and its commercial experience has been incredibly valuable to the company in matters relating to both capital raising and commercial negations as well as joint ventures.


HAVAÍC has a unique way of cutting through the noise and getting to the heart of matters, which when dealing with complicated dynamics that is the life of a founder, is not only refreshing but incredibly valuable.


We have walked a long road with HAVAÍC, and given the exciting journey that still lays ahead, I am glad to have them next to us as a partner.

 Hans Osnabrugge
CEO of Talk360

When I first met Ian Lessem, I was struck by HAVAÍC's down-to-earth approach and strong knowledge of African markets.


Three years later when we started to prepare our $7m Seed Round, we wanted HAVAÍC as our lead investor from day one. We swiftly agreed on the valuation. After the term sheet was signed, HAVAÍC opened up their network of co-investors and our round closed very soon after.


Discussions with HAVAÍC are always marked with mutual respect and a joint end goal in mind. I would definitely advise Africa-focused start-ups to get HAVAÍC on their side for their Seed or Series A.

 Daniel Kritzas
CEO of Digital Cabinet

HAVAÍC has been extremely instrumental in the growth and success of Digital Cabinet. What I value the most is that HAVAÍC backs and trusts their founders to get on with it but always makes themselves available to give advice.

They recently brokered a massive deal for us which helped secure a cashflow runway for the next two years.

 Wayne Witherspoon

HAVAÍC asked very relevant and thought-provoking questions from the outset, immediately helping us to see our offering from a different perspective. This continues to be true!


They have been extremely supportive strategically while at the same time leaving us to do what we do best and gain more traction in market sectors that have historically been quite resistant to change and innovation. Funding for growth is never easy for any company, as it takes time for founders to comply with all of the due diligence requirements. HAVAÍC was very patient and enabled us to navigate the process and still get on with the day's business. 


The team is also just really nice people with a sense of humour to boot. We look forward to our ongoing and exciting future with them.

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