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Uhuru Energy, Large scale biomass-to-energy pioneer, mandates HAVAIC

HAVAIC is pleased to announce that it has been mandated by UHURU ENERGY (Pty) Ltd (“UHURU”), a market leader in large-scale biomass-to-energy project development, in an advisory role in UHURU's first capital raising initiative. The focus of this round of fundraising would be to facilitate the progression of certain projects in the UHURU project pipeline through the approval phase.

UHURU has identified the opportunity provided by biomass as the primary feedstock for any form of energy (including electricity, gas for manufacturing, processing and transport, and fuel for transport and related applications), particularly across Africa, given the extreme shortage and attendant high costs attaching to energy. This forms the basis of UHURU's Renewable Energy solutions, and converges with the increasing focus of climate change alleviation together with the imperatives driving sustainable economic and social development.

Mark Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer of UHURU, and who has a track record of establishing and leading JSE-listed companies, believes that the opportunity for UHURU in engaging large-scale energy users is driven by the attractive economics relative to fossil fuel-based energy, long-term cost stability and energy supply reliability, all of which has been responsible for the emergence of biomass-to-energy as mainstream in Europe and North America.

David Sonnenberg, UHURU’s Managing and Technical Director, has spent more than 20 years focused on the convergence of sustainability and renewable energy, actively involved in critical areas of relevant research, consulting to significant players and industries, developing legacy projects, and building renewable energy businesses in Europe, Africa and Asia. He has demonstrated that focusing on impact in project design has resulted in meaningful commercial benefits for clients and led to sustainable job creation together with social and economic upliftment in client-centric communities, and in the optimal use and harnessing of agri-waste and energy-waste.

Shane Hervey, Commercial Executive of UHURU, whose background includes the establishment and management of large-scale integrated procurement and logistics supply chains across Africa, observes that the UHURU business model of developing long-term blue-chip annuity income streams will create a significant platform for UHURU’s further growth. In addition, the emerging global challenges of carbon emission taxes will be a material boost to demand for UHURU's solutions.

The past experience of HAVAIC's principals in working with companies operating in Africa’s Power and Energy sector position HAVAIC favorably for engaging the sizable and diverse pool of interested investors in well communicated opportunities which have the potential to realise attractive yields and to generate long term predictable cash flows. HAVAIC will enhance UHURU’s capital raising endeavors by providing UHURU with in-depth analysis and comprehensive articulation of the UHURU business case in providing credible substantiation of the investment opportunity and benefits to prospective investors.


UHURU specialises in the development of large-scale biomass-to-energy projects for the supply of renewable base load and peaking electricity, and green fuels and gas for transport, manufacturing and processing. UHURU integrates leading agronomy, technology and engineering platforms delivering renewable energy solutions that are financially viable, economically developmental and environmentally sustainable.

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