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AURA partners with HAVAÍC to anchor its first equity fundraising of R6million

HAVAÍC has lead the first external equity investment in AURA (, and has advanced the first tranche. The remaining investment amount will be raised from other equity funds and private investors in the next few months.

AURA’s founders all come from successful high-tech security and development backgrounds. AURA has developed an industry leading cloud-based security and safety platform that provides on-demand geographically variable security response from the aggregation of a substantial number of the best independent armed reaction companies in South Africa.

As a result of its services, AURA will enable fundamental shifts in the security industry. Firstly, it allows for a shift from location-specific protection to location-independent response and support, and secondly it offers a means to aggregate the supply of an otherwise fragmented industry without the need for the significant acquisitions activity that would ordinarily be associated with consolidation. This national security network also results in the collection of big data which the company aims to use to create predictive trends about SA criminal activity.

The power of AURA’s solution lies in the aggregation of supply from a fragmented, competitive industry and giving the means for people to access these emergency services even when they are in an area not covered by traditional fixed location services. When out of their homes or offices, the automated, secure, high performance platform determines and dispatches the optimally positioned responder rather than relying on a traditional control room, radio managed area-specific security company. Furthermore, with smart phone technology enhanced by AURA’s platform, responders will be able to locate individuals who may be on the move: driving home, feel they are being followed or in an area where they feel lost or unsafe, and also to request pinpoint protection for emergency roadside assistance.

AURA has already concluded agreements with a number of high-profile corporate users and well-established consumer apps, enabling their staff and customers to have access to armed response protection whilst carrying out their normal work duties outside of a fixed location. AURA has also enabled these corporates and apps to expand their choice of security providers beyond the nationally present incumbents, and for corporates to empower smaller operators to have indirect access to previously restricted corporate contracts.

Furthermore, AURA allows for existing membership bodies or community-based organisations to enhance their offerings by providing their members access to on-demand response when needed. AURA has secured two large organisations in the last few months, and are seeing this as another strong revenue sector. The capital being raised will be used by AURA to further develop the platform and expand the geographic reach.

AURA’s CEO, Warren Myers states: “At AURA we believe that the only way South Africa is going to climb out of its ever-increasing crime crisis is by creating and executing disruptive, scalable and data driven technology, which makes security in SA more affordable, accessible, and effective. We are extremely excited about our partnership with HAVAÍC. Over and above the capital raise, they bring a well-diversified arsenal of valuable skill sets and business networks.”

HAVAÍC’s CEO Ian Lessem has joined the AURA board in a non-executive capacity, and comments: “We are very excited by the prospects of growing AURA’s traction with individuals, corporates, organisations and smaller security providers. The unique and cost-effective benefits for the corporate and insurance sectors, and AURA’s future home automation and security joint ventures make it a potential game changer for many industries. Its technology and systems will ensure that people feel safer in their daily routines, as they will now be able to access emergency security services when out of their homes or places of work.”

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