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HAVAÍC Portfolio Companies in the News

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Technology adoption has increased at unprecedented rates, benefiting HAVAÍC’s portfolio companies which provide technology enabled real-world solutions, both in our local African markets as well as in international markets. In this edition of HAVAÍC’s SMART VC series, we are proud to share recent news articles featuring our portfolio companies, reinforcing our investment thesis that supporting local and acting global is smart investing, and a smart way to unlock Africa's technology potential.


Alon Lits, until recently GM of Uber in sub-Saharan Africa, has joined another technology-driven, on-demand platform, Aura, which specialises in security and armed response in South Africa.

Read more here.

South African e-health startup BusyMed has raised an undisclosed amount of growth funding from local venture capital firm LionPride to help it commercialise its solution disrupting the country’s pharmaceutical sector.

Read more here.

Geoffrey Mulei, spent a bigger part of his childhood working at a shop and got a front row seat to challenges most shopkeepers face as they go on their daily activities trying to make ends meet.

Read more here.

In rural South Africa, a lack of access to healthcare is a daily reality for so many people. Even when a clinic is nearby, those in need of care still have to rely on an overburdened public healthcare sector – there is only one doctor per 4 500 people, and a single specialist for every 18 500 people. Read more here.

The ninth annual MTN Business App the Year Awards took place virtually on 29 October. EasyEquities was announced as the overall winner while other apps took top spots across 15 categories.

Read more here.

Companies with at least one female founder generate 78 cents of revenue for every dollar of venture funding, while male-led startups generate roughly 31 cents.

Read more here.

Greg Chen: Brands can now develop hyper-personalised digital engagement over SMS. South African SMS marketing engagement platform Mobiz could very well be the next big disruptor in the digital marketing world. Read more here.

WESGRO   |   #CapePioneers | RecoMed

Our #CapePioneers series showcases innovative local businesses that adapted to build resilience in the face of COVID-19. This week we speak to RecoMed, a digital health care booking system that connects patients directly to health practitioners.

Read more here.

The African continent is currently one of the fastest-growing regions when it comes to mobile growth, and financial technology companies that are building services to meet that rapidly-expanding market are getting a lot of attention.

Read more here.

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