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Safe, easy & convenient access to financial services in your neighborhood.


Tanda is a fintech startup working to revolutionize access to essential digital financial services for MSME's across Africa. Through Tanda, micro-retailers can not only access inventory credit, but also become access points for essential services such as Airtime, Utility payments, M-banking & Insurance for their customers.


HAVAÍC invested in MPost by way of a convertible note. The digital service is a post office in your hands – a postal addressing platform that addresses a global emerging market challenge. 

It is a joint venture with the Kenyan and Ugandan governments and strategically aligned to contract with other governments in East and Southern Africa. In under 2 years, they have registered an equivalent of 10% of the total post boxes that the Kenyan government has provided in its 127 year history. It has over 40 000 users and 4 000 post office registrations per year with 300 000 boxes expected to be opened in 2019. 


A simple to use genetic test that provides deep insight into how to live longer, healthier and better.
Listen to your body. Let your body tell you its unique story.


HearX aims to provide Affordable access to hearing care using smart digital health solutions that anyone can use, anywhere. It is a vision-led, value-driven company chasing impact.
Healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere


HAVAÍC has acquired a 15% equity stake in Sortd. Sortd is a globally relevant and competitive cloud based SAAS solution servicing Small and Medium Sized businesses (SMEs). It gets your inbox organized. It brings your emails, tasks and priorities together in one intuitive workspace, and it works right inside your mailbox. With Sortd there is no need to have multiple third-party programs for email management, managing your CRM, your sales pipelines and managing your team, as Sortd have this sorted.


The CEO of Delvv relocated to native US to grow its international client base.  In order to better serve product and technology demands from SA and US clients, the business was split into two. HAVAÍC now owns an equivalent stake in the new Delaware entity, BigTeam, a technology driven internal feedback platform.

HAVAÍC led the first external equity investment in AURA, the developer of an industry leading cloud-based security and safety platform that provides on-demand geographically variable security response from the aggregation of a substantial number of the best independent armed reaction companies in South Africa.

HAVAÍC led a R4,5M equity investment in RecoMed, the leading online booking marketplace for healthcare in South Africa.


HAVAÍC led the first investment round in, the award-winning developer of  automated and intelligent research and feedback products for the brand and creative industry.


Healthcent, the developer of Signapps, a secure communication solution for the medical, insurance and hospital industry, mandated HAVAÍC to assist with the raising of capital.

HAVAÍC has acquired a 10% equity stake in Instant Property, a leading online commercial  property platform for letting, sales and auctions. Instant Property has an option for additional funding after which HAVAÍC will hold in total up to a 17% equity stake.

Dreamtime Technologies has retained HAVAÍC to assist with their acquisitions, structuring and fund-raising. DTTech is developing a new cloud-based virtual mobile network to serve African mobile and IoT providers.


Vula Mobile originally mandated HAVAÍC to assist with their business strategy and fund raising, resulting in HAVAÍC leading an equity investment by a broad base of Vula's medical users. Vula is an award-winning mobile platform that easily enables the referral of patients by primary health workers and doctors to on-call specialists.

HAVAÍC has been engaged by iShack Ventures to assist them with their various start-up initiatives, including strategy, fundraising and structuring. They have already developed some world-class products for the real estate, education and social media markets.


Following an initial advisory role, HAVAÍC invested in Digital Cabinet in July 2016, following by an increased equity stake in November 2017. They are a cloud-based document and workflow solutions and digital post technology leader.


Drive, the developer of an integrated billing and accounting system for lawyers, mandated HAVAÍC to assist with securing growth capital for its expansion.


HAVAÍC assisted Head Interiors, a leading local design house, with exploring expansion opportunities in Mauritius.

Izyshop, award-winning Mozambican online retailer, engaged HAVAÍC to advise it on its first capital raising initiative.

UHURU ENERGY, a pioneering large-scale biomass-to-energy project developer, mandated HAVAÍC to develop investment materials and its business model ahead of its intended future capital raising.


HAVAÍC successfully assisted Guideline, an award-winning furniture manufacturing business, with the valuation of its business, shareholder restructuring and recapitalisation.



Warren Myers, AURA CEO:

"HAVAIC invested in AURA in early 2018. The process was smooth and fair and over and above the capital invested, we now have a really strong partner who is providing invaluable insight and mentorship to our fast growing company. With HAVAIC onboard, our future as a tech start up now feels far more certain and exciting!"

Daniel Kritzas, Digital Cabinet CEO:

"It is my pleasure to recommend investment and advisory firm HAVAIC as one of our most valued and trusted strategic partners. Our relationship with HAVAIC began when we engaged them as corporate advisers to assist us with financial restructuring and growth strategies for our business. This simple mandate has evolved into a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship through years of trust and cooperation. HAVAIC's wealth of legal and corporate expertise has benefited us in diverse areas of our business, and their honest and transparent methodologies make them an ideal partner for any aspiring entrepreneurs with vision and growth prospects. Through HAVAIC, we have successfully navigated numerous investments and capital raises, and continue to grow our revenue year-on-year. I have no doubt that HAVAIC would be a valuable asset to any business fortunate enough to be associated with them, and I would highly recommend them to any business owners in need of
investment and advisory services."

Trevor Wolfe, BigTeam CEO and Delvv co-founder:

"The South African startup ecosystem was desperately lacking a player like HAVAIC to put the "venture" back in venture capital. The team knows how to spot high-growth opportunities and provide guidance and support to help founders achieve their vision. HAVAIC has designed a formula that works for founders, their investors, and the South African economy, and we've been lucky to work with them throughout our journey."

Sheraan Amod, RecoMed CEO:

"HAVAIC have been helpful partners in our business. Their diverse team always makes time to advise on specific key issues facing the company, be that strategic, commercial or administrative. HAVAIC's CEO Ian Lessem has played a valuable role in RecoMed as an insightful board member; full of practical ideas and focused advice firmly grounded in the challenging reality of technology startups. He's accompanied me to strategic discussions and directly assisted me in dealing with industry executives. By never wasting our time, I find HAVAIC to be a most efficient investor to work with."



December 2015

HAVAIC Holdings SA is incorporated.


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